Summer Cover, pool



Summer Cover is the First Ever Daily Use

Leaf Net / Debris Cover for

Above-Ground Pools.

Use your Summer Cover between swims or while away from home for any extended period to help:


  • Protect your pool from leaves, insects and other debris!
  • Use less harsh chemicals to keep your water clean!
  • Save electricity by not having to vacuum as much!
  • Quickly install and remove!
    Keep your pool clean longer, use Summer Cover!

Keep it clean by going "Green" with the new and amazing

Summer Cover !



The Summer Cover is a leaf net and debris cover for above ground pools. It is made from a strong, lightweight, stretchable polymer web netting we call:

Magical Mesh

  • Allows sunlight, air, and water to pass through.
  • Keeps debris and leaves out.
  • Is treated for UV, water and mildew resistance.
  • Promotes a healthy filter system.
  • Does not hinder pool chemicals in any way.



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This product is proudly made in America.

Before After
While the pool cover is on, the leaves do not get in the pool. With the pool cover removed, your water is clear of debris.
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The Summer Cover is NOT a safety device.
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